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eKare’s inSight® 3D wound management system provides a comprehensive solution for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of wounds. Our core capabilities are defined by Advanced Imaging, Artificial Intelligence & Analytics, Point of Care Assessment and Business Intelligence.

Capture 3D details of wound bed

We’ve eliminated the need to manually collect and manage wound data. inSight uses the latest in computer vision technology to capture surface topography and generate 3D reconstruction of a wound all with a mobile device.

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Assess and manage wounds at the point of care

inSight is a truly mobile platform allowing clinicians to capture and access patient data at the patient’s bedside. Clinicians can now make data driven clinical decisions to better treat their patients.

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Use data to drive critical business decisions

Our Business Intelligence tool transforms complex wound data to generate powerful business intelligence. Generate meaningful reports, analyze data, and make informed decisions to drive growth.

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Predict wound healing rates using real data

Our Artificial Intelligence and analytics tools use real data to predict how a wound will heal. Clinicians can use our data models to draw important insights leveraging the largest 3D wound database in the world.

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Regulatory Compliance

The entire eKare platform is HIPAA, GDPR, as well as 21 CFR Part 11 compliant to maximize data integrity with full audit trail.

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