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Healthcare providers are focused on diagnosing patients accurately and improving clinical outcomes. inSight provides a standardized, digital wound data collection process that improves wound documentation and healing across the healthcare continuum.

3D Wound Measurement

inSight uses structured light to produce highly accurate 3D renderings of wounds and translates the data into area, length, width, depth and volume within seconds. The built-in camera of the tablet computer provides the 2D image of the wound, while Structure Sensor, with its infrared structured light scanning capability, reveals the topography of the wound. In addition, inSight automatically analyzes tissue composition of the wound bed when an image is obtained using machine learning.

EHR Integration Capability

inSight® is equipped with the APIs needed to handle seamless integrations with your Electronic Health Record. Integration with your EHR provides needed access to data and lessens the burden on staff to enter data in multiple locations. Our outbound and inbound integration engine uses the industry-standard HL7 protocol and is also FHIR ready.

Intelligence & Analytics

eKare’s Business Intelligence tool transforms complex wound data to actionable insights by generating powerful business intelligence reporting to help drive business decisions. Stay informed, take control of your data, and feel secure that you will be able to drive higher quality care for the patients you serve through the use of your eKare analytics data.

Training & Support

eKare works closely with your wound team to customize the inSight system and implement strategically based on your work flow and best practices. Our experts are available to train users and provide technical support at any time. Whether remote or on-site, we utilize a standard approach that helps drive early adoption and the ability to maximize system capabilities.

Regulatory Compliance

The entire eKare platform is HIPAA, GDPR, as well as 21 CFR Part 11 compliant to maximize data integrity with full audit trail.

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